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Welcome to MDMS Recruiting

MDMS Recruiting is a full-service Information Technology staffing firm, providing high-level IT professionals to a broad range of companies and industries on a nationwide basis. We identify and recruit the best IT practitioners who meet the specific requirements of each client, enabling employers to obtain reliable, quality IT services on a timely basis.

If you are an employer seeking a managed team of well-qualified IT professionals to complete a rush project, or if you need a highly-skilled programmer for a three-month job, or if you need a technology consultant with any type of specialized skill, MDMS Recruiting will find just the right specialists to meet your requirements. We identify and work only with high-caliber individuals with the specialized skills and experience needed to precisely meet the needs of our client companies. We match these individuals with your firm’s technical requirements, as well as with your firm’s corporate culture, so that all team members will feel comfortable working together.


If you are an IT professional with strong skills and a desire to work in a specific industry or sector, we will find the perfect match for your capabilities at a good rate of compensation. We will match you not only with an employer in the sector of your choice, but also with a firm where the work environment and business culture are suited to you. We will develop a long-term relationship with you, and provide you with many opportunities to continue working with us.

At MDMS Recruiting, we strive for high quality, value and speed in fulfilling the needs of our clients and our IT professionals. We pride ourselves in fully satisfying the needs of our clients, and in recruiting the best and the brightest IT professionals in the business to meet those needs.

Why MDMS Recruiting?

MDMS Recruiting goes further and works harder to provide you with the appropriate IT professionals. Tell us what you need and we will ensure that our professionals have all the necessary technical and soft skills to perform their job. In addition, we will make sure your new hires/contractors mesh with the mindset of your organization.

Whether you need a managed project team to deliver a large project or just one consultant to work on day-to-day operations, MDMS Recruiting will find the appropriate individuals and teams for your projects.