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MDMS RecruitingAt MDMS Recruiting, we provide Peak Performers in IT Technology for a complete range of American industries and sectors.

MDMS Recruiting is a full-service Information Technology staffing firm that provides client companies with highly skilled IT professionals to meet their organizational goals. Our aim is provide reliable, high quality service on a timely basis and to develop long-term relationships with our clients. The firm is nationwide in scope, with satisfied clients located from New York to California and from New England to Texas.

We strive to become your preferred alternative to in-house IT resources – particularly during your busiest periods, or when you are gearing up for business expansion and want to hold off on adding to your full-time staff. We understand your local marketplace, and with IT professionals in high demand, we are experienced at attracting and retaining the best and brightest of them to meet your needs.

We also serve the needs of the IT professionals we identify, screen and recruit for our clients. We take great care in interviewing these professionals, ensuring that they are well-qualified for the positions for which we recommend them, while also making sure that they are a good fit for the client companies in terms of the company’s culture.

Rather than seek to maximize short-term activity by focusing on one-off projects, we look to work with both clients and IT service providers for the long term. With clients, we aim to provide such high-quality and timely service that they will want to continue working with us long into the future as their business grows and prospers. For our IT professionals, we wish to provide them with a continuing stream of excellent projects with great employers, at competitive rates, that they will not be tempted to work with our competitors.

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