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Getting the Very Best: Our Rigorous Staffing Process

At MDMS Recruiting, we refer only the best IT professionals to our clients. That’s because we understand the priorities of the IT professional and we know how to attract the best and the brightest. 

We guarantee that the professionals we select for you will fully meet your skill requirements, and will also fit well with your work environment and your firm’s business culture; that’s the best way to attain consistent high-quality work output. 

To achieve that objective, MDMS Recruiting employs the most rigorous staff interviewing and evaluation process in the IT staffing industry. Here’s how it works: 

The IT marketplace is highly competitive – with employers seeking the most qualified IT professionals available. As a leading specialist in this market, we use our knowledge of your local marketplace – including candidate availability, expected compensation rates, and IT professionals’ workplace expectations – and combine that with extensive preparation and evaluation, to identify the best the market has to offer. 

  • At the outset, we take the time to understand your business well; we cannot fill a position unless we fully understand that position and how it fits within your organizational framework. Through this process, we get to know your company from both a business and a cultural standpoint. We will fill the position only when we understand exactly what type of IT professional is going to meet your needs.
  • We seek and find only the best. With an outstanding referral network, we can avoid the thousands of unqualified applicants that apply through job boards. We are able to reach out to the IT professionals who fit your technical and cultural environment.
  • We screen prospects thoroughly, doing our research to ensure a perfect fit. We screen every resume, conduct in-person interviews, conduct technical assessments, and check each and every reference. At the end of this process, we send you only the best of the best to work within your firm.
  • We maintain strong ties with these talented top-performers. Standout IT professionals are critical to the success of your company and its projects. But because of theire skills, they are often pursued with job offer after job offer by other employers. To maintain their interest and enthusiasm for the project at hand, MDMS Recruiting is in constant communication with these professionals. We want them to be focused on your company rather than on what they are going to do next.

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