Our Approach

At MDMS Recruiting, we work with only top-tier industry professionals to ensure your company finds the right fit every time.

Our approach is tailored to meet our candidate's needs and your job requirements to attain ready experts that will fully meet your qualifications. We also work to ensure that our candidates mesh well with your firm’s work environment and business culture, as we believe that a positive work energy guarantees consistent high-quality work output.

To achieve that objective, our team at MDMS Recruiting employs the most rigorous interview and evaluation process in the IT staffing industry. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Gather Market Research

The marketplace is highly competitive – with employers seeking the most qualified professionals available. As a leading specialist, we combine our adept knowledge with extensive preparation and evaluation. We repeatedly gather the latest market research to ensure that our information remains current, so that we can continue identifying the best your industry has to offer. Specifically, we focus on candidate availability, expected compensation rates, professionals’ workplace expectations, and more.

Step 2: Conduct In-Depth Analysis

We conduct an in-depth analysis and take the time to understand your business. We believe a position cannot be filled unless we fully grasp the importance of that role and how it fits within the organizational framework. Through this process, we get to know the company from both a business and cultural standpoint. Once we discern the type of professional that will match the company’s needs, we move forward with the next step.

Step 3: Recruit

This is where our expertise excels—the recruitment. It can be overwhelming to sift through endless applications to find the best choice. With our outstanding referral network, we have built valuable relationships with both our clients and candidates. This gives us the opportunity to find the best cultural and technical environment for both parties.

Step 4: Rigorous Screening

We thoroughly screen all our prospects and conduct extensive research to ensure a perfect fit. Our process involves a meticulous review of each applicant's resume, in-person interviews, technical assessments, and verification of information provided by references.

Step 5: Remain Connected

We value our applicants as much as we value our clients. We understand our standout professionals and how critical they are to the success of a variety of companies and their projects. That is why we always work to maintain strong ties with our candidates and clients through constant communication and attentiveness. In this way, we ensure that the projects are mutually beneficial for all parties involved in the hiring process.