For Employers

If you are an employer seeking well-qualified IT professionals, we find you only the best. Whether you are looking for a team for a rush project, a programmer for a full-time job, or even a technology consultant for a short time, MDMS Recruiting will find just the right experts to meet your requirements.

We identify and work only with high-caliber individuals with the specialized skills and experience needed to precisely meet the wishes of our client companies. We match these individuals with the firm’s technical requisites, as well as with the firm’s corporate culture, so that all team members will feel comfortable working together.

At MDMS Recruiting, we provide experienced professionals for a complete range of American industries and sectors.

We are a full-service staffing firm that provides client companies with highly skilled professionals to meet their organizational goals. Our aim is to provide reliable, high-quality service on a timely basis and to develop long-term relationships with our clients. Our firm contains satisfied clients nationwide from a vast variety of different industries.

We strive to become your preferred alternative to in-house IT resources – particularly during your busiest periods, or when you are gearing up for business expansion and want to hold off on adding to your full-time staff. We understand your local marketplace. IT professionals are in high demand, but we have a reputation for attracting and retaining the best IT professionals to meet your needs.

Rather than seek to maximize short-term activity by focusing on one-off projects, we look to work for the long term. Our guarantee to our clients is to consistently provide high-quality and timely service that contributes to the development and growth of their business objectives.